Situated at the base of a The Titans fist, the hamlet of Bitter-weed is home to mostly free humans and a few slaves who are mostly owned by the town noble and financier Lord Abraham Williams.

The newest settlement of the Thale Empire was established to function as a supply point between the cites of Gewa and Duscle, as well as to allow for the exploration and collection of recourse from the Titans Fist and the Bow Wood.

The Hamlet itself looks quaint. With its Yew timber rooftops, hardwood walls and wide dirt road cutting through the centre of town.
The main pull of the town is the Lords Left Guild Hall, where guild members take on contracts offered up by the Mayor, Townsfolk and Thale Empire Officials.

Bitter-weed has a semi-stable economy, Lord Abraham Williams is hoping that the miners he has hired will find a vein of something valuable but until then, Bitter-weed relies on the lumber trade and trade from convoys.

Despite it being such a new settlement, Bitter-weed is most likely headed towards a prosperous future under the leadership of Mayor Aubrey Green. But this remains to be seen.


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